Paint On Everything

I haven't met a thing that can't be painted on. Take a climbing rock. What better surface could you have, in order to make a snowy landscape for robots to make snowbots? If paint won't do, that I can at least knit it a cozy.

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There are probably sketches etched onto the headboard of my crib. Ok, probably not, but I have been drawing, painting and creating for as long as I can remember. My curiosity has led me to many mediums, which include oils, acrylics, sculpture, knitting, jewelry, sewing, hatting etc. Picking up new techniques and bringing them into a mixed media form, is one of the things I strive to do. While much of my work is on canvas, I also enjoy painting on cupboard doors, inside drawers and on repurposed wood. It gives me great satisfaction to take what would be discarded and turn it into art. This direction leads to an organic and natural look, as well as interesting new textures. 

In San Francisco and the Bay Area, I have done some small public art pieces, as well as, temporary window displays. Some work has been by my design and other works were collaborations. I was a member of City Art in San Francisco, but moved on from there after a growing demand for pet portraits! That has occupied much of my time and you can see samples of my work on this site.

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